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Learn about silencing mechanisms for vane air motors

The noise generated by an air motor is mainly caused by the exhaust air exiting the motor. The noise level increases with speed and is greatest at free speed.

Illustrations of air motor silencing methods
All Atlas Copco motors are supplied with a threaded exhaust port permitting a screw-in silencer to be fitted to reduce noise level. By fitting a hose between the exhaust port and the silencer the noise level can be reduced even further. The effect of employing the various silencing techniques is indicated in the illustration and table below. Note that a silencer may cause power losses if incorrectly sized.

Example of:
0.36 kW motor
No-load speed
Anechoic room
Interval of 1 minute
Illustration no. Measure Noise level
dB (a)
1 None 94
2 Silencer only 77
3 Hose only 84
4 Hose with silencer 75