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Serving the needs of the gas and process industry

Many of our compressors are built according to API specs

Whether you operate in chemical petrochemical to liquefied natural gas (LNG), midstream and fertilizer: chances are, your industry or application will heavily rely on maximum efficiency and reliability in your rotating equipment. And, it must meet the strictest of international regulations, such as API standards.

Committed to serving the needs of the gas and process gas industry, Atlas Copco builds your integrally geared turbocompressors and turboexpanders to comply with those standards.

API codes related to our products

  • API 617 gas compressors
  • API 672 air compressors
  • API 613 gears
  • API 614 lube oil systems
  • API 692 (new code) shaft seals
  • API 691 (new code) risk based machinery management
  • API 689 (new code) collection analysis & exchange
  • API 671 couplings

In fact, our know-how helps set industry standards, with our engineers participating in the development of API 617, 7th edition, as well as API 672, 4th edition. What’s more, we also build compressors and expanders that meet both ASME and DIN standards.

Customizing your equipment for API compliance

We can customize your centrifugal gas compressors and turboexpanders to

  • match the rigorous standards set by API
  • comply with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • help boost equipment efficiency inside your process
  • increase the safety of your operations

What’s more, we have vast experience in handling and executing orders that include API amendments of major players such as Shell, Petronas, ExxonMobile, Reliance.

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