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Compressed air solutions for mobility industry

Mobility applications require a reliable source of compressed air. Delivering on this promise is Atlas Copco daily job : with or without oil, our certified air compressors are ideal for all types of public transport such as trains (locomotive, metro, High Speed Train, etc.), buses (e-buses, etc.), but also for mining use…

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Whether you represent the rail industry, the mining industry or the bus industry, our compressors offer suitable and reliable solutions. Our competence is to adapt our products to the most demanding needs in terms of size, energy, noise or climatic conditions…

We come up with the best solutions to optimize our customers' vehicles availability and lower the downtimes. All our solutions are built with this in mind and you can take it a step further when using our oil-free air compressor, lowering filter changes and avoiding oil drains to reduce your maintenance costs.

You can also rely on Atlas Copco global presence to always find aftermarket and service support close to the vehicle operating location, in more than 180 countries!



Beautiful railway station with modern high speed red commuter train with motion blur effect at colorful sunset in Nuremberg, Germany. Railroad with vintage toning
Atlas Copco offers a comprehensive range of products to cover all of your rolling stock platforms needs, from tramways and light railway vehicles to heavy duty locomotives.

We provide rugged and proven solutions, using oil-injected or oil-free technologies together with a complete range of air treatment products : oil and dust filters, membrane and desiccant dryers, and condensate treatment packages.


White bus traveling on the asphalt road around line of trees in rural landscape at sunset
Atlas Copco offers solutions to accompany our customers in facing the conversion of the Mobility sector to full electric and hybrid power.

Our Mobility compressors are designed to face the specific challenges of a modern electric vehicle, with the ability to run from the batteries network, provide high air pressures and a class leading efficiency in a compact and lightweight package.


mining application
Our Mobility Solutions Center has a long experience in Mining applications. We provide the mining industry with a range of robust and compact compressors, electric or hydraulic driven, to provide Mining OEM with long lasting performance at an optimum cost.

Our mining range is qualified in a wide variety of mines from wet to dry, in potentially corrosive or hot environments and receive air treatment and drying packages as options.

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