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Atlas Copco Industrial Technique designs, manufactures and markets high quality industrial power tools, assembly solutions, quality assurance products, as well as software and services. We aim to deliver an innovative and extensive product portfolio to meet customer demands.

As an industry leader, we are committed to the highest reliability, ergonomics and durability to avoid downtime, minimize risk for operators and improve production quality. We serve customers in various sectors such as automotive, energy, aerospace and many more in light and heavy industries.

We are committed to your business with a long-term perspective, supplying the latest innovations such as Industry 4.0 solutions and services, hybrid-joining technology, patented ergonomics and state-of-the-art process solutions for lean manufacturing. For us, it is important that our customers remain competitive as new challenges, opportunities and innovations emerge.

We fundamentally believe there is always a better way and that is the reason for our success. Thanks to our R&D, service team experts, global sales presence and operational excellence teams, Industrial Technique is the number one strategic partner to stay ahead of the game in the many technology transformation steps in your industry!

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Atlas Copco Industrial Technique: Creating Solutions for High-Precision Manufacturing

At Atlas Copco, we create value for our customers with innovative technologies and solutions for high-precision manufacturing. New demands for lighter, energy-saving materials call for alternative fastening solutions to screws and bolts: Like automated self-pierce riveting and industrial adhesives. We even have systems for error-proofing and quality assurance. We focus on ergonomics, sustainability and quality – and we build things to last. That is what we call sustainable productivity.