Decrease inventory and storage area

Common controller

The PowerFocus 6000 is a common controller platform that supports multiple models of handheld tools. These include Tensor ST, Tensor SR, Tensor STB and Tensor STR. With the PF6000, there is no need to keep multiple types of tool controllers in inventory, thus reducing cost and storage area. In addition, you can achieve reduced configuration time and training requirements, as each tool uses the same programming interface. This also makes integrating back-up tools easier.

Multiple tools on one controller

The PowerFocus 6000 can run one cable tool and up to five battery tools at a time. Each tool runs on its own virtual station, allowing up to six tools running simultaneously on a single controller. This can bring down the cost of having to set up, power and network multiple controllers, saving valuable time and money.

PF6000 System Overview Video


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