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Now introducing: Atlas Copco’s all-new handheld screw feeding system

Atlas Copco is proud to announce the launch of our newest system: The handheld screw feeding system! Aligning quite perfectly with Industry 4.0, the handheld screw feeding system is ideal for integration into fixed workstations. Perfect for handheld applications, this system guarantees stable production for your low torque processes. 

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Atlas Copco’s brand-new handheld screw feeding system. Read on to learn about the components that make up this system, along with a few major production benefits!

Overview of the system

The handheld screw feeding system consists of three separate components that combine to make one turnkey solution. System components include:

• A tightening module for loading the screw and performing the actual tightening.

• A step feeder or a vibratory feeder for storing, sorting, and separating loaded screws. Screws are then blow-fed via a feeding tube.

• A tightening controller, such as the Power Focus 6000 (PF6000), for controlling and monitoring the screw tightening and feeding process

And then, of course, you’ll also need your preferred tool. The handheld screw feeding system integrates seamlessly with Atlas Copco’s Tensor ES/SL tools, along with our low torque screwdrivers.

Screw Feeder Product Image

A productive, high quality screw feeding process

In traditional low torque production processes that don’t utilize a screw feeding system or a screw presenter, operators are tasked with manually picking the appropriate screws by hand to place on to the bit of the screwdriver. Not only is this an incredibly time-consuming process, but it can be a difficult one too: the smaller the screw, the trickier it is for the operator to properly handle them.

Say goodbye to that issue today with the Atlas Copco handheld screw feeding system. In addition to the added benefit of an automated screw feeding process, this system offers a fast automatic bit stroke feature. This feature automatically moves the bit to an intermediate position, which engages the fastener and reduces cycle time. A swivel arm on the tightening module holds and quickly loads the next screw while the previous screw is still being installed. 

Better ergonomics, happier operators

Without the task of manually sorting and picking screws by hand, your operators can focus on getting the job done correctly and safely. The screw feeding tightening module is ideal for handheld applications, which often require high tightening frequencies and a special focus on ergonomics. This module is available in a variety of different trigger options to allow for safe, ergonomic usage in all positions.

Further, this system’s step feeder component includes a patented vertical wall inside that increases stability and reduces vibration. The result: There’s less dust, less noise, and less vibration. Additionally, it also accounts for a major boost in service intervals. 

To sum it up

The Atlas Copco handheld screw feeding system is an ideal solution for your handheld applications. As an automated solution, it significantly reduces cycle time, enabling a major boost to productivity. Finally, it’s a gentle but effective system that takes some of the weight off the shoulders of your operators, allowing them to focus on getting the job done just as it should be.

Are you interested in learning more about how Atlas Copco’s brand-new handheld screw feeding system can take your production to entirely new levels? Contact us and schedule and demo today!

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