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Manual tightening 101: Atlas Copco torque wrenches

Manual tightening with mechanical torque wrenches is done in a wide range of industrial manufacturing operations. Offering easy handling and impressive repeatability, Atlas Copco torque wrenches are of the best torque wrenches on the market today.

Within our manual tightening product portfolio are five types of mechanical torque wrenches: Click Wrench CWR, Breaking Wrench BWR/BWR-D, Slipping Wrench SWR, Mechatronic Wrench MWR, and the Smart torque STwrench. In this article, we’ll look at all five types of wrenches from Atlas Copco, in order of basic to most advanced!

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The Click Wrench CWR – Clear operator feedback, improved accessibility

The Click Wrench CWR is a mechanical torque wrench that provides operators with the distinctive ‘click!’ when the pre-set torque has been reached. Coming in two standard drive sizes, the Click Wrench CWR is designed to get into cramped or narrow spots on the assembly line, making it ideal for manual tightening in space-limited applications. With a torque range of 2-300 Nm, the CWR wrench features an ergonomic handle that keeps operators safe and comfortable.

The Breaking Wrench BWR – High torque wrench accuracy for high torque applications

The Breaking Wrench BWR from Atlas Copco is a highly durable mechanical torque wrench. Equipped with a unique 22° breaking-angle mechanism, the Breaking Wrench BWR significantly reduces the possibility of overtightening during use. Coupled with Atlas Copco end fittings, the Breaking Wrench BWR enables a high degree of torque wrench accuracy. The tool’s robust construction allows it to support a torque range of 2-2000 Nm, making it the best torque wrench for high-torque applications.


The Slipping Wrench SWR – Eliminate joint overload, boost process safety

Atlas Copco’s Slipping Wrench SWR is a mechanical torque wrench that is automatically triggered once the pre-set torque has been reached. Equipped with an advanced camover-technology, the Slipping Wrench SWR completely avoids overtightening and overloading is impossible. Further, the SWR offers impressive torque wrench accuracy for clockwise tightening with a torque range of 5-110 Nm.

The Mechatronic Wrench MWR – Error-proofing and traceability in a mechanical torque wrench

Combining the productivity of a click wrench with the traceability of a Smart tool, the Mechatronic Wrench MWR is next level. Ideal for safety-critical applications, the Mechatronic Wrench MWR is ergonomic, lightweight, and optimized to handle applications with limited space. Part of Atlas Copco’s mechatronic system, the MWR can easily integrate with the Power Focus 6000 controller, providing a Smart connected solution for your Smart Factory.

When connected to a Power Focus 6000 via an MWR-Kit, the Mechatronic Wrench MWR becomes a Smart torque wrench that provides detailed tightening data and information, real-time feedback using our ToolsTalk BLM software, full traceability, and error-proofing for your manual tightening operations.

The STwrench – The ultimate all-purpose Smart torque wrench

For the best digital torque wrench, look no further than Atlas Copco’s STwrench. The STwrench is a Smart torque wrench that makes quality assurance a breeze; perform joint analyses on behavior and stiffness, test reproducibility, and much more for complete quality control using the STwrench. Allowing for high reliability, accuracy, and full process control, the STwrench offers the very same advanced error-proofing, traceability, and quality as an electric Smart tool.

Are you interested in learning more about manual tightening, or the Atlas Copco mechanical torque wrenches? Contact us and schedule a demo today! 

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