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Taking Medical Device Manufacturing to the Next Level

Medical device manufacturers around the world are working tirelessly and courageously to meet the high demands being placed on their industry. This global ramp-up of the production of lifesaving devices has placed the medical manufacturing industry in a unique position; productivity on the line must drastically increase to satisfy new production requirements.

Furthermore, the quality of devices currently being mass-produced in such a short and unexpected amount of time must be of the highest caliber.

Our ability to support production lines in overcoming common issues relating to productivity and quality is what makes Atlas Copco the largest tool partner in the world. We are eager to work alongside your medical manufacturing facility with our world-leading tools and solutions in this unusual time.

Improving your productivity on the line

As demand for lifesaving medical device production surges, the use of multiple screwdrivers on the assembly line is no longer practical. Atlas Copco will help your manufacturing workstation go from multiple screwdrivers to just one, reducing the risk of human error and increasing your torque ability. We can do this with our line of MicroTorque smart tools. Our MicroTorque intelligent screwdrivers can cover a wide range of installation torque with just one tool and are extremely operator-friendly thanks to multi-step tightening options and configurable speeds.

The specific issue of using multiple screwdrivers on the line can be solved with our MicroTorque Focus 6000 controller in particular. With its batch sequencing capability, simply define a workflow and the MTF6000 will do the rest by error-proofing the tightening sequence while allowing for increased uptime and productivity. In addition, angle monitoring functionality can detect incomplete tightening, stripped joints, and other problems often caused by human error.

Along the same line, floating screws will become a thing of the past with advanced tightening strategies that enhance the efficiency of batch sequencing. The MTF6000’s Torque Seating Monitoring tightening strategy eliminates floating screws and broken parts by allowing the user to input values for acceptable final and clamp torques. For joints with extra rundown friction or side-loading from misaligned parts, the MTF6000’s Seating Control Strategy is specialized to compensate for rundown torque and friction in order to install consistent clamp torque with every screw.

In automated cells, our MicroTorque solutions can aid in avoiding screw pickup failures by detecting missing or misaligned screws using our Vacuum Pump MT. The Vacuum Pump MT easily integrates with the MicroTorque system and reduces rework and damage to components while improving cycle times on the line.

Maintaining high quality production, no matter what

As important as productivity is during this time of increased medical device manufacturing demand, so is product quality. While your facility works to meet these new production requirements, allow Atlas Copco to assist you in ensuring every product meets the high-quality standards you expect. Our wide range of software and data analysis solutions are developed to meet virtually all low torque applications.

Simply put, without operator feedback or guidance options, issues on the line can pass completely undetected. A lack of data or information regarding the tightening process can lead to an assembly line that does not or cannot satisfy 21 CFR Part 820 standards set by the FDA. In this critical period, adherence to these regulations is important as ever. Atlas Copco has a large array of tools and solutions that will support your medical equipment manufacturing in being error-free, while also guaranteeing the satisfaction of FDA standards by way of process data tags and complete traceability.

Our highly accurate ETD MT transducerized handheld screwdrivers are built with visual and tactile components which provide feedback through the fastening process and leave no room for error. Gentle vibrations along with a multi-colored guiding light system alert operators when tightening results are incorrect. Along with bit slip detection, torque and angle limits and automatic workflow sequences, error-proofing capabilities are seemingly endless.

Go one step further and incorporate our Tool Positioning System (TPS) into your workstation. TPS, coupled with our Scalable Quality Solution (SQS) software, guides the operator to install the proper number of fasteners, in the proper places and in the proper sequence. The software behind SQS will provide your line with increased product quality by way of its full traceability of the build process, eliminating rework and repairs. Finally, ToolsNet 8 stores all related fastening information in one database to allow for complete traceability and process improvement.

In summary

With such an extensive range of productivity and quality boosting options for your medical manufacturing facility, Atlas Copco is confident in its ability to support you during this unprecedented time. Our MicroTorque system is the perfect solution to meet specific standards set by the FDA. Our family of tools and controllers that include the MTF6000, ETD MT, Vacuum Pump MT and Tool Positioning System are proven to increase efficiency on your line. Software and data analysis solutions like ToolsNet 8 and Scalable Quality Solution guarantee an error-free line every time.

Atlas Copco is here for you, no matter what.

Contact Atlas Copco today to learn more. 

For more information, view the webinar "Addressing Low Torque Assembly Challenges in Medical Device Manufacturing" on-demand.