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Expert Live Q&A and Webinar: What's new in Total Workstation?

Date: Wednesday, July 14th, 2021: 10:00 - 10:30 AM EST

Join us! Be sure to tune in on July 14th for a LIVE 'What's new in Total Workstation' Q&A/webinar hybrid session, led by product experts Adam Bigelow and Stephen Spry. In this hybrid webinar/Q&A, Adam and Stephen will take viewers through Atlas Copco's comprehensive Total Workstation product portfolio, which includes a number of new products and solutions. Following this, Adam and Stephen will answer audience questions on the subject. 

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Adam Bigelow

Product Marketing Manager

Meet Adam Bigelow! Adam began his career with Atlas Copco as a Product Specialist in 2016, where he was responsible for the PF6 FlexSystem and what was then known as Local Value Added (LVA). In 2019, he became the Total Workstation Product Marketing Manager. Currently, he’s responsible for all solutions that make up Total Workstation, such as our industrial location system, articulated arms, torque tubes, screw feeders, and more.

Throughout most of his professional life, his career has been involved with vehicles in some sort of fashion. He draws from his expertise in this area to help him excel in his current role. Adam finds watching videos and clips on how things are put together to be fascinating, and he loves being able to use this knowledge in his everyday life. Outside of Atlas Copco, Adam enjoys golfing and being active with his two sons.

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