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GaugeFlex features overview

GaugeFlex's flexibility allows operators to perform any type of quality test on a single portable device. In fact with GaugeFlex it is possible to perform:

Tool checks

The GaugeFlex can be interfaced with the IRC-Connect smart transducer solution to provide wireless tool testing functionality.

Joint checks

GaugeFlex can also drive the STwrench throught residual chec routes. Thanks to the visual guidance, the operator can always check what is the correct bolt to inspect.


The GaugeFlex unit provides a single device to collect all the measurements performed with different equipment. Some equipment (e.g. Mitutoyo caliper) can be directly interfaced with the GaugeFlex unit.

Visual inspections

Inspections include: looking for defects, matching colours, go/no go checks, and so on. Many of those checks are still tracked with pen and paper today.

GaugeFlex key features

Tools check

Wireless Tool Check functionality creates the best possible ergonomics so operator can perform the test safely away from the application. Static and Dynamic Transducers are available for complete tool and torque validation. Internal memory guarantees that test data are not lost even if the wireless connection is interrupted. GaugeFlex Data is available for upload and reporting via USB docking system or through custom Wi/Fi application integrated into plant communication networks.

Static torque check / Dynamic torque check

The GaugeFlex system coupled with the STwrench provides the most advanced algorithm for residual torque check on the market. Static and Dynamic Torque Verification are possible when GaugeFlex is coupled with a wide range of Transducers and the IRC Connect Module. These options create the most powerful Manufacturing Capability Data Collection system for Automotive and all other Manufacturing Industries such as Aerospace, Transportation, Off-Road, Recreational Vehicles and Medical Devices to name a few. Visual guidance and Flexible Routing allow the operator to work on parts as they are available, yet also track their progress so that all work is completed and all data is available for reporting. Live Wi-Fi and Live Dashboard options are also available.

Gauging / Gauge checks

The GaugeFlex system can also collect data from Mitutoyo Compatible SPC Gauges. A Single device to collect all the industrial and manufacturing measurements performed with different equipment. Additional measurements can be manually added via keyboard. This common system of inspection planning and execution guarantees that issues are properly tracked. All the data collected are automatically stored in a network database for future analysis. Live Wi-Fi and Live Dashboard options are also available.

Visual inspections / Visual checks

The GaugeFlex system enables operators and auditors to perform paperless data collection with full product and process traceability all in a portable system that fits in the palm of their hands. Final Production Checks, Quality Gates, End Of Line Audits, Option Content Verification, Defect Detection all can be performed on a portable digital system that automatics collects and stores data electronically. Operator guidance ensures standard procedures and standardized work are followed by new and veteran operators alike

Technical information

The GaugeFlex is a light, rugged PDAstyle Hand Held Data Collector which guarantees IP54 sealing and 4 ft. drop (120 cm) to concrete.

The full traceability of the inspected part is kept thanks to the 1D and 2D onboard scanner.

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