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High torque smart battery nutrunner tool srb ha

SRB HA Smart battery nutrunner

The worlds most productive battery nutrunner.


The SRB HA uses industry proven Tensor motor technology to deliver the highest tightening speeds available in a continuous rotation battery tool. This reduces process times and cuts costs.


The SRB HA high torque battery tool is the only tool on the market with a fully integrated twin trigger that eliminates the most common operator injury, finger pinch points.


Integrated torque and angle transducers secure that all tightenings are done correctly and all data is recorded, while operator feedback on the tool reduces mistakes at source.

The story of the SRB HA

Watch the story of the SRB HA high torque smart battery nutrunner. From where the idea was born, to the care and consideration that went into each decision when creating and manufacturing the tool. Understand the tool from different aspects, and how Atlas Copco are taking the smart factory to the field.

Quicker, Safer and Smarter

The SRB HA is the worlds most productive battery nutrunner, with features added to make it quicker, safer and smarter than it's competitors. The SRB HA uses industry proven tensor motor technology to deliver the highest tightening speed. The nutunner is also equipped with a dual trigger to minimize the risk of injury, the only one of it's kind on the market.

Three different versions


Set and go straight from the box

srbha digital version battery nutrunner

The digital version is our basic version where the tool is ready to go straight out of the box. Use the buttons to set the desired torque and start tightening. No possibility to save the tightening data.


Connects directly to any mobile device

srbha smart version new

Pre-program up to 10 presets and 10 batches to control your process. The target can be either torque or torque plus angle. Easily shift between the settings and once the job is done, it is simple to download the data for traceability. No additonal app, software or Wifi network is needed.


Advanced process control and live data feed

srbha connected version new

 Connect your battery tool to the Power Focus 6000 controller, which takes your productivity, quality and connectivity to entirely new levels. The PF6000 controller is easily integrated into overlying systems for live data feed and analysis.

Technical Information

Model Square drive Torque range Nm Speed rpm Weight* kg Length mm CS distance mm*
ETP SRB81-1300 HA   ¾” 390-1300  23 5.5 378 32
ETP SRB81-2400-HA  1”  720-2400 11 6.8 428 35.5
ETP SRB81-3400-HA  1”  1020-3400 7 8.5 441 55.5
ETP SRB81-4000-HA  1”  1200-4000 5 8.5 441 55.5
* With Battery            

Feature Table

Feature / Model Digital   Smart  Connected 
Dual Trigger
Socket Release
Guiding LED Feedback
Torque Transducer
Permanent Magnet Motor
HMI Display
Internal Wifi Server for Data Collection  
Data Collection  
Presets (10)  
Batch Mode (10)  
Angle Monitoring  
Torque + Angle Strategy  
Torque Tolerances  
Live Data Collection    
Operator guidance    
SQS Configuration     
PF6000 Configuration    

srbha mining application

Savings of over £40,000 per year

SRB HA high torque battery nutrunner used on flange application

A highly competitive company producing pressure vessels within the oil and gas sector required a method where they could control the torque. Their current method was using a maunual torque wrench. Not only were they unable to control the torque to a high degree of accuracy, but it also took a lot of time. 

The bolting process consisted of 300 x 24" bolts, which took three operators a total of 4 hours to complete. For the disassembly process, it took two operators a further 2 hours to complete. This method also resulted in two safety incidents per year, which the company wanted to eradicate from their business.

coins in a jar, total cost saving icon

We introduced the SRB HA battery nutrunner with its integrated torque transducer to control the torque. The high speed motor improved productivity and the dual trigger function reduced risk of injuries.

With the SRB HA solution in place, it was calculated that the company would save over £40,000 per year due to the quicker process the tool can supply.

SRB HA improves wind operations

Offshore wind energy: pre-commissioning power at lower costs - Rental blog
One of the world leading wind turbine companies needed a more efficient way to tighten the pitch bearing and shrink disc application. In total there were 390 x M36 bolts to be tightened to the target torque 2250nm-2800nm. This application is one of the most difficult to complete maintenance on, especially with their current hydraulic wrench method. It took a long time to set the wrench up, and also the company found the solution was taking too long to complete. They were also keen to free up an operator to distribute them to complete other work on different applications.
coins in a jar, total cost saving icon

Atlas Copco introduced the Battery Nutrunner SRB HA as a solution for the application, and compared it to the current method. With the SRB HA in practice it proved to be the much quicker method and the company calculated they could free up one operator with the SRB HA in place.

Going forward with the SRB HA as the solution, one of the world leading wind energy companies will be able to save time and money for the whole process, making it a quicker, safer and smarter place to work.

Ordering Numbers

Model  Ordering No. Tool Ordering No. Tool Kit
ETP SRB81-1300-20-HA-D   8433 2506 01 8433 2506 81
ETP SRB81-1300-20-HA  8433 2506 11  8433 2506 91
ETP SRB81-2400-25-HA-D   8433 2507 01 8433 2507 81
ETP SRB81-2400-25-HA  8433 2507 11  8433 2507 91
ETP SRB81-3400-25-HA-D  8433 2500 01  8433 2500 81
ETP SRB81-3400-25-HA  8433 2500 11  8433 2500 91
ETP SRB81-4000-25-HA-D   8433 2508 01 8433 2508 81
ETP SRB81-4000-25-HA  8433 2508 11  8433 2508 91
ETP SRB81-200-20 8433 2501 11 N/A
ETP SRB81-200-20-D 8433 2501 01 N/A
ETP SRB81-300-20 8433 2502 11 N/A
ETP SRB81-300-20-D 8433 2502 01 N/A
ETP SRB81-500-20 8433 2503 11 N/A
ETP SRB81-500-20-D 8433 2503 01 N/A
ETP SRB81-750-25 8433 2504 11 N/A
ETP SRB81-750-25-D 8433 2504 01 N/A
ETP SRB81-1000-25 8433 2505 11 N/A
ETP SRB81-1000-25-D 8433 2505 01 N/A

HA - D - Digital version

HA - Smart version / Smart Connected version

Tool kit includes; tool, case, charger, 2 batteries and S-type reaction bar

smart battery nutrunner srbha in tool case

SRB HA - Accessories

Bar type Spline type Wave type Max Torque [Nm] Dimensions [mm] CC Distance [mm] Ordering number
Steel bar n/a 40 1300 502 x 48 x 16 n/a 4210 4757 90 
n/a 47 2400 545 x 54 x 20 n/a 4210 4757 93 
n/a 60 4000 620 x 80 x 20 n/a 4210 4757 85
3 n/a 300 400/56/12  n/a 4210 2219 80
4 n/a 500 500/62/15  n/a 4210 2183 80
5 n/a 1000 500/62/15  n/a 4210 2726 80
S-Type reaction bar n/a 40 1300 n/a n/a 4210 4480 90 
n/a 47 2400 n/a n/a 4210 4480 94 
n/a 60 4000 n/a n/a 4210 4480 85
3 n/a 300 n/a n/a 4210 4480 03
4 n/a 500 n/a n/a 4210 4480 04
5 n/a 1000 n/a n/a 4210 4480 05
Sliding drive n/a 40 1300 n/a 76-191 4210 4752 90 
n/a 47 2400 n/a 81-182 4210 4752 93 
n/a 60 4000 n/a 84-199 4210 4752 85
3 n/a 170 1/2 70-120  4210 4481 98
3 n/a 300 3/4 70-120  4210 4481 93
3 n/a 170 1/2 82-218  4210 4616 98
3 n/a 240 3/4 82-218  4210 4616 93
4 n/a 500 3/4 76-126  4210 4481 94
4 n/a 500 3/4 82-218  4210 4616 94
5 n/a 900 1 80-125  4210 4481 95
5 n/a 900 1 82-218  4210 4616 95
Square bracket n/a 40 1300 64 x 120 n/a 4210 4758 90 
n/a 47 2400 71 x 120 n/a 4210 4758 93 
n/a 60 4000 101 x 180 n/a 4210 4758 85
Square steel bracket 3 n/a 300 100/50/12  n/a 4210 2219 03
4 n/a 500 125/65/16  n/a 4210 2183 01
5 n/a 1000 125/65/16  n/a 4210 2726 01
Triangular steel bracket 3 n/a 300 82/80/15  n/a 4220 2137 03
L-Type aluminum bar 3 n/a 200 266x300/29/15 n/a 4210 2219 08
4 n/a 500 144x150/42/15 n/a 4210 2183 08
Straight aluminum bar 3 n/a 125 L = 400  n/a 4210 2219 81
Extended sliding drive  5 n/a 700 1 68-112  4210 4498 90
Extended sliding tube  5 n/a 700 1 68-112  4210 4498 92

Battery /Charger Ordering Number
Battery Li-Ion 36V 2.6 Ah 4211 6030 86
Multicharger 18-36V  4211 6083 84
Protective cover 36V 4211 6090 36
Tool protective cover (Included with tool) 4216 4271 02

If you would like to see the SRBHA in action, please fill out the details below and we will contact you to arrange a FREE live onsite demo or live digital demo.

Free Demo for SRBHA

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By submitting this request, Atlas Copco will be able to contact you through the collected information. More information can be found in our privacy policy.

Frequently asked questions

In what format can I get the data and what is the content?

You can receive the data to laptop or directly to a mobile device, and download a CSV file. In the file you can see the following data: time and date, barcode number, tool serial number, target torque, final torque, target angle, final angle, torque unit.

Can I get live data via mobile device?

Real time live data is available with the connected version, whereby tightening data is transferred out as it takes place. However, data is captured and recorded in real time within the smart tool nut cannot be transferred until the tool is connected to a mobile device.

Do all models have an internal WiFi Server?

Only 'smart' and 'connected' models have the built in WiFi server. This enables these models to connect directly to any mobile device. 'Digital' model is stand alone, and does not have the ability to connect an external mobile device. However, digital model can be upgraded to 'smart' version by contacting your Atlas Copco representative.

Does the dual trigger come as standard?

Yes, in Atlas Copco we believe that worker safety is the most important priority so all tools come supplied with fully integrated dual trigger as standard. If there is a demand to use the tool without the dual trigger, the tool can be modified. Please contact you Atlas Copco representative.

How many cycles can be achieved with one battery charge?

Battery life is very much dependant on joint type and working temperatures. As such the range can be quite wide, but can also be optimised by the tightening strategy used to programme the tool. During testing we have found the battery life to be significantly higher than competitor brands when comparing like for like conditions. We're happy to provide live demonstrations on your applications to validate this.

SRB HA Smart battery nutrunner

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