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3 ways quality assurance can bring you peace of mind

Atlas Copco’s Quality Assurance products, what we like to call QA Platform 4.0, contains a number of devices and software solutions that were developed to bring a sense of security and assurance to your manufacturing plant, on or off the assembly line.

Our QA Platform 4.0 is the next generation of Quality Assurance, proven to avoid the risk of human error by decreasing manual effort, reduce the costly need for operator training, and prevent tool and software defects on the assembly line. We want to bring our customers the peace of mind they deserve in their production facility. Read on to learn how our QA Platform 4.0 does that.

1. Tool checks on the assembly line

Checking tools is perhaps the most important first step to ensuring peace of mind when it comes to your assembly line. This step is made easy by using a combination of our IRC-Connect data collector and our STpad wireless tablet.

We consider the STpad to be the core device in the QA Platform 4.0 range, as its ability to connect to IRC-Connect, along with our STwrench and STbench, is unique and massively useful. Atlas Copco’s STpad is perfect for checking residual torque, torque angle results and other details including traces and statistics. It’s user friendly, with picture guidance for checks and clear, precise operational instructions.

The STpad works with the IRC-Connect perfectly to ensure quality on your line. Atlas Copco’s IRC-Connect is a small, intuitive wireless module for transducers, useful for saving space on a cramped assembly line. The IRC-Connect runs tool checks with an internal gyroscope for accurate, true angle readings. Store up to 5000 tool check results with or without a wireless connection. The IRC-Connect seamlessly works together with the STpad using Bluetooth communication, bringing you peace of mind.

2. Joint checks on the assembly line

Another way of ensuring quality and peace of mind is by doing joint checks on the assembly line. For this, Atlas Copco recommends using the STpalm and the STwrench in combination.

The STpalm is a user interface that allows for full traceability and flexibility, guiding users through joint tests on their assembly line. Proven to increase productivity, it can begin a joint check automatically using the onboard programming functionality without requiring a computer or additional software.

Atlas Copco’s STwrench is a torque wrench that connects wirelessly to the STpalm. Because of its ergonomic, modular design, the STwrench is customizable, allowing you to build your desired wrench that meets your precise assembly line requirements. Together with the STpalm, this all-purpose wrench performs joint checks and analyzes joint stiffness and behavior. Along with its ability to connect to the STpalm, this intuitive wrench also fully integrates with our ToolsNet and SQS software for even more quality control.

3. Tool maintenance in the tool crib

In order to keep your essential tools well running and up to date, Atlas Copco recommends using our STbench. As a smart connected joint stimulation bench, it reduces line side tool testing with its hydraulic technology, saving operators time and productivity.

By performing these maintenance tests in the tool crib, the STbench is able to quickly return to the production line any tool that required service or maintenance. The accuracy of the testing is guaranteed by the STbench’s high-resolution torque transducer and angle encoder. With the ability to connect to our other QA Platform 4.0 products in this line, the STbench is just what you need to maintain the order and quality of your tools.

The role of Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of Quality Assurance at Atlas Copco. That’s why we made an entire range of tools and innovative solutions that are sure to bring peace of mind to you and your assembly line.

To us, using the IRC-Connect alongside the STpad is one way that Quality Assurance can bring you a sense of security on your production line. Joint checks with the STpalm and the STwrench is another. And finally, we believe that tool maintenance with our smart connected STbench finishes off our list. The QA Platform 4.0 tools mentioned are not even all of them in the range.

For questions or to schedule a Walk The Line tour of your facility, contact us today.

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