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Why traceability should be prioritized in every production plant

Manufacturing companies always relied on systems that track the products they produce and provide traceability related to their quality. Automobile manufacturers are no exception.

The need for intuitive systems that provide insight to an improved production rate and greater quality control has only increased over time. It's known industry-wide that product recalls are incredibly expensive, inconvenient, and can be damaging to a brand. 

The implementation of systems that enable traceability is an effective method of protecting you, your plant, and your customers from product recalls and other safety concerns.

tools talk 2 software

Real-time solutions provided by Atlas Copco

Software platforms designed to optimize traceability allow manufacturers to identify the root cause of an issue, the reach of a potential quality leak, and quickly deploy a corrective action. By implementing a system that provides advanced traceability, such as Atlas Copco’s ToolsTalk 2 software, it is now possible to identify and correct any production or quality-related issue immediately.


Corrective actions and system updates that used to take days to complete are now able to be resolved in minutes.

Continuously improve your processes

Traceability software also provides an opportunity for process optimization. Intuitive software platforms, such as ToolsTalk 2, provide the ability to deploy positive change in a more efficient manner. Corrective actions and system updates that used to take days to complete are now able to be resolved in minutes.

How Atlas Copco can help with traceability at your plant

Atlas Copco stands ready to help your plant prioritize traceability

The Atlas Copco product portfolio features a diverse selection of hardware, software, and industrial tools that can help ensure all processes at plants around the country and globe are traced, tracked, and documented. 

Atlas Copco’s ToolsTalk 2 software solution is able to take your line management to the next level by monitoring changes made to the assembly line and automatically saving an archive of all tightening programs and versions for future reference.

Are you interested in learning more about ToolsTalk 2, Atlas Copco’s controller programming software? Contact us today!