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Increased uptime with ToolCover service level agreements: A success story

As our tool and system technologies on the line become more varied and complex, keeping up with their maintenance schedules gets difficult. Quality standards require annual calibrations and ever-increasing functionalities require controller firmware upgrades, creating a unique balance of plant maintenance scheduling. Neglecting tool maintenance can lead to unexpected line interruptions, quality defects, reduced equipment lifetimes, and skyrocketing costs.

When a major player in the robotics industry came to Atlas Copco with issues relating to tool management and maintenance, our solution was fairly straightforward: ToolCover service level agreements. Read on to learn more about how this company optimized their tool maintenance and increased uptime in production with ToolCover from Atlas Copco! 

But first, a brief breakdown of ToolCover

Atlas Copco’s ToolCover service level agreements are split into three modular packages, ranging from baseline to premium protection:

ToolCover Protect: Annual calibrations and preventative maintenance for your tools

ToolCover Stability: All the benefits of ToolCover Protect, plus repairs and spare parts

ToolCover Uptime: All the benefits of ToolCover Protect and ToolCover Stability, plus on-site       support and tool management

Tool Cover

The situation: Our major customer was having significant struggles in sustaining an optimized maintenance schedule for their ever-increasing tool population. This, combined with a high turnover on employees, meant that our customer was forced to be reactive rather than proactive when it came to tool servicing. Specifically, our customer was experiencing the following issues:

• Losing staff Engineers who had previously managed the tool inventory at the factory

• Adding additional factories and/or more tools to existing lines

• Meeting a quality standard that requires all tools to be calibrated annually

• Keeping current on all controller firmware with matching tool firmware for wireless battery tools

The solution: The solution for our customer was a bit of a no-brainer for us. ToolCover service level agreements reduce maintenance and repair time, optimize tool performance, increase uptime, and significantly reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 30%. The customer chose ToolCover Uptime, our premium protection package. 

Atlas Copco

With Atlas Copco’s ToolCover Uptime service level agreement, our customer receives all the benefits of having two full-time, on-site personnel that cover tool management, administration, and support. But that isn’t all, of course. They also benefit from an optimized preventative maintenance schedule that includes annual calibrations, repairs, and firmware updates. 

These main benefits (among a few others), allow our customer the opportunity to focus solely on a successful, high output production that is efficient, optimized, and of the highest quality.

To sum it up

With our ToolCover Uptime service level agreement in place at our customer’s operation, proactive maintenance is now more possible than ever. As Atlas Copco manages the maintenance and subsequent performance of tools being used on their line, our customer is experiencing little to no interruptions in production, along with a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and greater overall stability in their operation. 

Are you interested in learning more about how Atlas Copco’s ToolCover service level agreements can lower your costs and boost quality, productivity, and operational efficiency? Contact us to get in touch with a Service expert today!

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