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Product Essential Series: Tensor IxB

Welcome to the Integrated Controller tools (IxB) Product Essential series. The Atlas Copco Tensor IxB tool family includes two all-new battery tools with integrated controllers: The Tensor ITB and the Tensor ICB. IxB tools combine the functionality of our Power Focus 6000 controller with the ease, power, and reliability of a DC electric tool. 

This video series is presented to you by Rodney Hill, Atlas Copco’s IxB Product Manager. Here, Rodney will cover a wide range of topics relating to the IxB tools, including provisioning licenses with FMSP, importing and exporting data, connecting to ToolsTalk 2 or ToolsNet 8, and much more.

IxB: ITB and ICB Introduction

In this video, Rodney introduces the ITB and ICB Integrated Controller tools and describes some of the advanced features they come with. Features discussed include a new drive unit called Actidrive, which allows for sufficient ventilation and high cycle counts, an eHMI software for operator feedback, and more. 

Connecting a Tool With USB

Watch now as Rodney covers the process of connecting to an ITB/ICB tool using a Micro USB connector. Components needed for this process: A Torx 10 screwdriver for tool cover removal, a male USB-A (or USB-C, depending on your device) to a female Micro-USB cable. 

Wireless Client Setup

Here, Rodney shows viewers the process of setting up an ITB/ICB tool as a client for a wireless network. Rodney will also describe the components involved in this process: A wireless setting, a Torx 10 screwdriver for tool cover removal, and a male USB-A (or USB-C, depending on your device) to a female Micro-USB cable.  

Wireless Access Point

In this video, Rodney gives viewers an in-depth look at how to connect to and set up an ITB/ICB tool as an access point. When this process is completed, users will then be able to WiFi devices directly to the tool. Components needed for this process: A Torx 10 screwdriver for tool cover removal, a male USB-A (or USB-C, depending on your device) to a female Micro-USB cable. 

Provisioning Licenses with FMSP

Here, Rodney demonstrates how to use the FMS Portable (FMSP) to provision licenses on an ICB/ITB battery tool. Viewers will learn how to access the Atlas Copco License Portal, download a Capability Response file (.bin) and install it on an ICB/ITB tool using the FMSP. Components needed: An FMSP and a Torx 10 screwdriver for tool cover removal. 

To access Atlas Copco’s Customer License Portal, please visit this page: https://atlascopco.flexnetoperations.com/control/atco/login?nextURL=%2Fcontrol%2Fatco%2Fhome

Multistep Programming

Tune in as Rodney gives viewers a thorough demonstration on how to configure a Reverse program, along with how to build a Two Step tightening strategy, a Joint Conditioning tightening strategy, and a Torque + Angle tightening strategy. For each demonstration, Rodney will also make a few tightenings and review the results in detail.  

To skip to a specific program or strategy demonstration, see time stamps below: 

-Creating a Reverse program: 00:35 

-Creating a Two Step tightening strategy: 02:51 

-Creating a Joint Conditioning tightening strategy: 08:00 

-Creating a Torque + Angle tightening strategy: 10:43 

ITB/ICB Result View

In this video, Rodney covers the result view feature on the ITB/ICB integrated controller battery tools. Viewers will learn how to access and use the results view feature, which displays tightening results on the screen in real-time. 

Connecting to ToolsTalk 2 and ToolsNet 8

Here, Rodney shows viewers how to connect to ToolsTalk 2, Atlas Copco’s controller programming software, and ToolsNet 8, Atlas Copco’s process monitoring and data analysis software, using an IxB tool.

Connecting an ICB to Selector 6

Watch now as Rodney covers the process of connecting an ICB tool to the Selector 6, Atlas Copco's wireless socket and bit selector. Viewers will learn what needs to be done to connect an ICB tool to the Selector 6, and how to configure it in the web interface. 

Import and Export

In this video, Rodney gives viewers an in-depth look at the process of importing and exporting important data on a Tensor ICB/ITB. Viewers will learn how to complete an export of all the settings and results from their system, examine what's in the export file, and import everything back to the tool.

Changing the SD Card

Here, Rodney covers the process involved in switching an IAM (SD) card from one IxB tool to another. Rodney also reviews which information is stored in the IAM (SD) card and transferred between IxB tools, and which is not. 

ITB/ICB Software Update

Tune in as Rodney gives viewers an in-depth look at the process of updating software on an ITB/ICB tool. Software updates for these tools can be done wirelessly or through the USB port on the back of the tool. Viewers will learn how to browse for a .zip software file and perform a software update. 

Advanced Wireless Diagnostics

Watch now as Rodney covers the advanced wireless settings available on the ICB/ITB integrated controller tools. Viewers will learn how to use an IxB tool to see and diagnose Wi-Fi signal strength in real-time. 

ITB/ICB Batteries and Chargers

In this video, Rodney offers viewers a brief introduction to the ITB/ICB batteries and chargers. Available in three voltage options (14V, 18V, and 36V), Atlas Copco’s battery range for the ITB/ICB tools is intelligent and ergonomic. With LEDs for clear operator feedback, it’s easy to see the status of battery’s health and charge.