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Allt du behöver veta om din process för pneumatiska transporter

Upptäck hur du kan skapa en effektivare process för pneumatiska transporter.
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Marknadens mest energieffektiva blåsmaskiner

Vi erbjuder ett komplett produktprogram inom lågtryck och vi kan hjälpa kunder att hitta en optimal lösning oavsett behov och typ av applikation. En blåsmaskin från Atlas Copco kan sänka energikostnaderna med upp till 40%.
ZL 2 VSD installation_left view

GA 5-37 VSDˢ air compressor

Oil-injected screw compressors 4 to 13 bar

When you need the best, choose VSDˢ - Variable Speed Drive compressor. The GA 5-37 VSDˢ offers significant energy savings up to 60% compared to fixed-speed models, making it a highly efficient compressor that stands out in the market. It also raises the bar in performance, reliability and connectivity to support your sustainability and productivity goals – now and in the future.


Key technical specifications

Arbetstryck, bar (a)

4 bar(a) - 13 bar(a)

Kapacitet FAD

20,9 m³/h - 470,7 m³/h

Installerad motoreffekt

5,5 kW - 37 kW

Kapacitet FAD l/s

5,8 l/s - 130,8 l/s

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GA 5-37 VSDS (5-37 kW/30-50 hp)
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Designed for energy efficiency

Are you looking for a groundbreaking compressor that delivers industry-leading performance? You’ve found it.

The GA 5-37 VSDˢ series showcases revolutionary technology that considerably reduces energy use. The variable speed drive (VSD) device adapts the motor speed to fluctuations in compressed air demand. This means you always have as much energy as you need - no more, no less. 

What does this mean for your business?

More efficient, reliable and sustainable production.

GA 22+ FF. Oil-injected screw compressor with built-in refrigereant dryer

Exclusive features that make a difference

The GA VSDs range also includes several innovative features, such as the Boost Flow Mode, which allows the compressors to temporarily and safely exceed their maximum capacity. In other words, they provide that little bit of extra power when it is needed the most to prevent costly production shutdowns.


Automatic protection
Built-in operational monitoring acts as a safeguard for your compressed air system. This means that the equipment will only work when conditions such as relative humidity, ambient temperature and input voltage allow it to do so without compromising the compressor.

The compressor for a new generation

The GA VSDˢ deliver industry-leading performance with a focus on sustainability and efficiency.


Our engineers worked diligently to drive innovation wherever possible, resulting in various cutting-edge technologies that benefit your business, your bottom line, and the environment. 


The GA VSDˢ comes with Boost Flow Mode.


As well as the Smart Temperature Control System with sophisticated coordination between the

Elektronikon® controller,

the Neos Next inverter,

the Smart Thermostatic Control valve, 

and the VSD fan. 

Sustainable delivery

With the GA 5-37 VSDˢ you can expect double-digit reductions in energy use to lower your emissions. In addition, careful use of resources and minimal number of components.

Highly Energy-Efficient

The GA VSDˢ grants energy savings up to 60% (compared to fixed-speed models). With up to 80% heat recovery, it provides even more energy savings. In addition, the advanced connectivity features maximize efficiency.

Cutting-edge technology

Smart Temperature Control System
The GA VSDˢ is the first compressor to offer full injection control to eliminate the risk of condensation and maximize compression efficiency.
Boost flow mode
Allowing you to temporarily stretch the limit of your compressor without negative operational or reliability consequences. While with other compressors, exceeding the maximum capacity means loss of pressure and possibly a production shutdown.

Contact our experts to find out more about the GA 5-37 VSDˢ


Technical benefits

Strong performance
  • Free Air Delivery (FAD) increase of up to 21% compared to fixed-speed models.
  • FASR motor equals IE5 standards.
  • Inverter and FASR motor exceed IES2 (EN 50598) requirements for power drive efficiency.
Small & silent
  • Sound levels as low as 63 dB allow for placement on the production floor.
  • Extremely small footprint ensures easy, flexible installation.
GA 22-37 VSD Oil-injected screw compressors with Variable Speed Drive technology

Smart connectivity

The GA VSDs range offers advanced connectivity options:

Offers real-time, remote status monitoring, performance data and insights, service timeline, maintenance alerts, and an online resource center.
Communication protocol: integrate your GA 5-37 VSDˢ seamlessly and securely in your production network to achieve true system performance and efficiency.
Elektronikon® Touch
Features a user-friendly, multilingual display with a host of control and monitoring options to optimize your compressor performance. 
Multiple compressor control
Comes with EQ2i integrated as standard. Manage up to 6 compressors in one air network with the optional Equalizer 4.0.


Technical specifications

Teknisk egendom Värde

Arbetstryck, bar (a)

4 bar(a) - 13 bar(a)

Kapacitet FAD

20,9 m³/h - 470,7 m³/h

Installerad motoreffekt

5,5 kW - 37 kW

Kapacitet FAD l/s

5,8 l/s - 130,8 l/s

For our smallest GA models, an innovative side-mounted 200l vessel provides air storage while keeping the compressor's footprint very compact (GA 5-11 VSDS)


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